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Reverend Akpala Sent off from St Gregory’s College

Sometimes you hear or read about the best so copiously that the meaning of the word has been vastly degraded. We hear about the Best President, the Best Governor, the Best of Everything and we tend to either agree with the author or narrator or take the opinionated description with a pinch of salt. However, we can safely refer to the period of Reverend Father Edmund Akpala’s sole administration at St Gregory’s College as primus inter pares and second to none. An ex Gregorian himself, a great footballer and much admired by the girls in those days, the drive he put into his administration and his achievements are unparalleled in the annals of the college, turning things round from a government-run lacklustre academy to a missionary-run college almost like the good old days. His achievements will be adequately catalogued in due course but we have to relate the news that several events are lined up this mid December, 2014 to wish him adieu from the college and loads of gbosa. After serving thirteen years, he is en route greener pastures and higher responsibilities. He will soon be attending a Christian course of study for six months in England and the USA after which he will resume at the new Roman Catholic University in Epe, east of Lagos. The Reverend is also noted as a vastly social fellow, a draughts player par excellence and a happy-go-lucky mixer. He was seen a few days ago relaxing near the Holy Cross Cathedral at Maureen’s Kitchen on Towry Street enjoying his chilled Heinekens Beer in the company of his Gregorian senior, Prince Oyekan Adele. Everybody we spoke to praised him to high heavens and lauded his achievements in the college. Dr Yomi “Flash” Macgregor heaped tons of accolades on him and insisted that he had even performed better than one of the best St Gregory’s Principals, late Mr Omoera. Dr John Abebe, Sir Steve Omojafor, PDP Lagos Gubernatorial candidate, Jimi Agbaje and Rtd. Admiral Okanlanwon Oni are all involved in his send off from the college and it is scheduled to be a humongous bon voyage.

Honourable Justice Niyi Ademola—Topmost Judge

Kudos were being heaped on the Egba/Lagosian Judge of the Federal High Court who has been making waves with his unparallel masterful judgements on very important national matters. It was indeed being speculated that he might be picked directly from the High Court Bench to succeed Justice Aloma Mohammed who retired recently as the Chief Justice of the Federation. Of tremendously humongous pedigree—great grandfather, late Sir Ademola, Alake of Egbaland, grandfather, late Sir Adetokunbo Ademola, Chief Justice of the Federation, father, Hon. Justice Ademola, Piusne Judge of the Federal High Court, Justice Adeniyi Ademola, an ex Gregorian, gregarious socialite and member of Yoruba Tennis Club, Island Club and the Ikoyi Club has delivered three major judgements from the Bench which have proved his mettle of the highest integrity on the Bench, viz:
• Timeous judgement on the Lebanese supermarket owners’ trial on terrorist charges;
• Most timely and unambiguous judgement on the impeachment of the Adamawa State Deputy Governor, ordering the sack of the Speaker-turned Governor and ordering the immediate swearing in of the new Governor to replace ex Governor Nyako;
• The erudite judgement discharging but not acquitting the Nyaya Bus Terminal bombing suspect due to lack of due diligence in the prosecution by the dichotomous actions of State Security Services and the Nigerian Police.
These judgements display the highest level of quick dispensation of justice in contradiction to the usually lethargic attitude of many Judges who wittingly or unwittingly delay cases unnecessarily even when interventionist’s orders are urgently required as in the Tambuwal matter. Justice delayed is justice denied and Justice Adeniyi Ademola has shown that justice should be delivered post haste and unambiguously to avoid resort to self-help by litigants.

London Yoruba Tennis Club Celebrates

The London branch of the Yoruba Tennis Club Lagos recently celebrated the end-of-year party at the usual haunt in South East London on Saturday, 6th December, 2014. Formed circa 1993 by Brother Abiola Johnson, ably supported by late Brothers Isa Balogun and Martins (father of current Vice Chairman and MD of HFP, Mr Dele Martins) the Club is now led by its Coordinator, Prince Wole Akintoye assisted by Brother Shadare. The former Coordinators were Brothers Isa Balogun, Dr Sorungbe, Brother Bright and Brother Folu Coker, son of late “Baba Ajasa”, Mr Sowemimo Coker.