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Doctor Bose Emmanuel Falls Prey to Dementia

Erudite and iconic Dr Bosede Emmanuel, FRCOG, Literature Award Winner and Trustee of Yoruba Tennis Club, has been hit by the old people’s cerebral disease of dementia. The disease, believed to be at its early stage, usually affects one out of about 60 old people and is incurable. Bose, as he is usually called by his friends, is 82 years old and his name is indeed an institution in Lagos, not only as the head of the Emmanuel and Duro Emmanuel families of Lagos but as former President of the Catholic Friendly Society (Lodge), leading Lagos gynaecologist, former Chairman of Solidra Circle and with many other accolades that would take time to convey. All his friends and colleagues who first read about this degeneration of the cerebellum that he is afflicted with were shocked that such an easy-going and thunderingly gregarious personality could succumb to such an ailment. The Doctor, a landmark in the Yoruba Tennis Club, was in the club everyday to share conviviality with the “Boys” (70&80 year olds) and even when he excused himself to attend to a patient in labour, he would return to the club (the Games Room), where he would, while deftly handling his tobacco pipe, and looking a bit like Ken Saro-wiwa would engage in playfully rowdy games of draught with Chief Akin Disu, the Bobagunwa of Lagos, 78, Chief Bolaji Oni (of Oni Rentals fame), 84, and Chief Aristo Balogun (Club Draught Champion), 88. Dr Emmanuel, with a first child from the Marinho family, later married his Brazilian quarters (Popo Aguda) sweetheart, Miss Francisca Yetunde Perreira who rose to the pinnacle of her civil service career to become Nigeria’s first female Federal Permanent Secretary as Mrs Emmanuel. As a true Emmanuel, the Doctor also got entangled with other women including Ms Bose Johnson, Tawa, the Apongbon wine merchant and (do not say I told you so) and had a long time relationship with a popular lady from Owo Town. One of his children got married only two months ago causing his compatriots to wonder at the awe or an awry nature of medical science.

Readers can check our previous story on issues relating to degradation of the human grey cells from headaches through depression to schizophrenia in our article on the subject, especially how and why it presents and who in Lagos society are victims of the ailment.

Also about the health problems of his younger brothers, Bode Emmanuel and Dotun Emmanuel, two of the greatest chartered accountants and executive bankers of Lagos origin.

Update as promised:

The dashing 78-year old Chief Olabode Emmanuel is also under the weather with another debilitating affliction caused by old age—the dreaded stroke. He seems to be coping moderately well with this apoplexy and he is being well looked after. Bode, as he is popularly called, has held Board chairmanship of several companies including Eko International Bank, Hogg Robinson Insurance Company and Borini Prono Construction Company. He recently donated a large amount in kind to the Island Club of Lagos when he discounted the cost of construction, by his company, of the proposed Island Club 7-floor car park.  Affable and dashing and a true St Gregory College old Boy in line with his siblings, Bose, Ade, Dotun and Bobby, he has lived a very good life and has attained his aspirations. He has been married to several women including the daughter of late bank owner and richest man in Lagos, Chief Adebayo Doherty. Amongst his exs is also Bose, daughter of Ijebu born but Lagos based late Chief Odunsi (Royal Brothers) who bore him three kids including Pappy, with a striking resemblance of his dad and Queenie, a beauty par excellence just like her mother (ex Mrs Wole Awolowo).

Amongst his other wedded wives are Laide Williams, daughter of Mama Gabby with three children, and the younger sister of the King of Abeokuta, Oba Dotun Gbadebo. As this social media magazine does not believe in spreading rumours or beer parlour talk (you can say that to the marines!), Chief Bode was seen around Dolphin Estate in Ikoyi Lagos recently, ostensibly visiting his latest very young catch and his latest offspring.

Dotun, as well, is said to be recovering from an ailment which has persisted for over ten years. In the crazy private banking days of the 80s, Dotun struck it very rich and he was Chairman of Commerce Bank, where along with his co-founder and cahootee, Peter Arigbe, he signed on his older brother Ade Duro-Emmanuel as Vice Chairman. It was not unusual for Dotun to charter an aircraft to fly a female partner to Switzerland for medical attention. When the bubble burst, resulting in the bankruptcy and confinement in Alagbon, Ikoyi,  Detention centre, Dotun and Peter were incarcerated and he has, since his release after the unpleasant cell domiciliation, travelled north to and been sojourning in Canada due to a mysterious infirmity.

Kenny Adeosun Passes On

Veteran broadcaster and advertising guru, Bashiru Kehinde Adeosun, passed away on Sunday, 20th July, 2014 and was buried at the Okesuna Muslim Cemetery on the same day. Aged 77, Kenny, as he was known, had been ill for a few years and his death follows the passing away of his numerous peers including Lolu Foresythe, Yinka Rhodes, Babs Akerele, Bola Marquis and others. Read more tomorrow…

Is Yomi Akintola Going Potty?

Undoubtedly, a primus inter pares by reason of pedigree, prodigiousness, political achievements and most especially, social gregariousness as ex Chairman of the Island Club, Chief Yomi Akintola, sole surviving son of ex Premier of Western Nigeria, late S. Ladoke Akintola (S. L. A.), is a socialite of humongous proportions. But, he is becoming so querulous and controversial that the talk of the town now is—is something wrong? Tomorrow, we take a good look at some of the mysterious misdeeds he has messed himself up with, and wander along with keen observers whether it is a prognosis for oncoming incohesiveness of a Jekyll and Hyde dimension. Read full story tomorrow…