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Luridly Lustful Men

There is so much of this illicit act going on that we have to showcase this unsavoury behaviour by many men, young, middle-aged and old. It is the unpalatable wanting desire of men for housewives, and sometimes, even for the wives of their friends. This sordid misbehaviour is principally caused by:

  • The natural  inbuilt male sexual desire;
  • The lure for sensationally beautiful women;
  • The fatal attraction by housewives and undisguised affection for other men;
  • The lure of married women to young men who serve as gigolos.

There are, of course, many reasons for the dastardly behaviour and many such affairs have resulted in crimes of passion committed by the men with other men’s spouses.

We hereby list a number of Lagosian men notorious for clicking on the “forbidden websites”:

  1. Otunba Gbenga Daniel
  2. Mr Ladi Jadesinmi
  3. Mr Segun Oki
  4. Mr Lanre Ogunlesi
  5. Mr Segun Awolowo
  6. Mr Muyinu Makanjuola
  7. Chief Mike Adenuga
  8. Chief Abiola Johnson
  9. Arc. Kayode Anibaba
  10. Mr Femi Young

This is just a starter. We have 20 other names for your delight. Do you know others that we don’t know? Send us their names and details of their escapades, we shall verify and publish – let the heavens fall, we will not be moved!

Next week we shall treat you to names of housewives who engage in adulterous relationships and examine the reasons why they do. It is going to be a bumper list including Ministers, Law Makers, Commissioners, Judges, Accountants and top business women. Watch out!


Marriage Burst Ups

Muyiwa and Titi Osode: We gather that the marriage of ex Arhmadiya and ex academicals international footballer, Muyiwa Osode and Justice Titi (nee Ojikutu) has come a cropper. We are still nosing around for details.

Femi and Bab’s Daughter: Another one bites the dust. City playboy, Femi Young and Hilario Babs Akerele’s daughter have called it quits. We know the details but want to connect the dots with London fair skin lady and iconic Yoruba politician’s grandson. Got it? Watch out!

Celebrations in Island Club

  • Chief Olugbode celebrated his 52nd birthday recently in the Island Club with a fabulous and awesome party attended by the high and mighty assisted by his wife, Chief Mrs Sheri Olugbode.
  • Popular Island Club member and senior member of the Lagos Tinubu family, R. O. Tinubu celebrated his 72nd birthday party with popular Sakara Band, Omo Leftie, on bandstand. All the Big Boys including Kayode Tinubu, the head of the Tinubu family and his friends, the unpredictable, retired Customs officer, Bode Aboaba and Tunde Odunnaike (Isho) graced the occasion.
  • Immediate past Social Secretary of Island Club, Winsala of Badagry staged an outing party for his mother-in-law in the Club. Chairman and several top members of the Club were present including Chief Gbolahan Odeinde, Admiral Okanlawon Oni and Bolaji Mendes.

Get Well Soon

Professor Ajibade Rokosu, academician and humongous Lagos socialite, is said to be under the weather and is on admission at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH). Although he has just returned from Liberia after a 2-year lecturing stint in Biochemistry, the 73-year old is definitely not afflicted with Ebola but suspicion is that it could be due to some ailments in the throat as his speech is seriously impaired. The ex Gregorian is a member of Island Club, Ikoyi Club, Yoruba Tennis, Lagos Lawn Tennis Club and the Waka Club where he is the past Chairman and current Trustee.

Captain Carew Slaps Pilot Kamal

When we wrote recently that a prominent Island Club member and distinguished Nigerian personality was having trouble controlling his anger and was ever so querulous, we were called nosy parkers. When we published our story about Captain Carew ordering Brigadier General Dapo Tycchus around in Waka Club, we were called meddlesome interlopers. When we wrote that   Permanent Secretary Jibade Sekoni had tripped and bashed his head on a drainage concrete panel opposite the Waka Club, we were called busy bodies. When we informed you exclusively that Perm Sec Tola Animashaun had broken a bottle of Star beer on the head of gregarious businessman, Craig Ozeigbe, we were called amebos (rumour peddlers). Shall we count all our other exposés?

Afro King, Fela Kuti croons:

Ti Mba Roto, Ma So

O’le Panu Mi De…

(I Say it as I See It

You Can’t Gag me…)

Well, it has happened again, and this time not only furious but as ferocious as you can imagine. Following the incident of Captain Versus General, the Waka Club waded into the matter and an amicable settlement was reached. On Sunday, 12 October, 2014, the same Captain Abiodun Lisk-Carew got into an argument with popular socialite and airline pilot, Kamal Aromasodun which resulted in a slanging match. Retired army Captain Carew had insisted that the lady who accompanied Kamal’s lady friend to the Ileya (Id-El Kabir) dance of the Club should leave the Club premises. The lady, a bit on the fat side, Sharon, is the daughter of Liberian popular girl, Dada Scot of Maureen’s Kitchen firm. Dada Scot has recently been noticed in the company of insurance man and ex Ikoyi Club Chairman, Yanju Scot. Sharon had apparently had an argument with Benita, also a regular at Maureen’s Kitchen, and Carew, as the self-appointed Chairman of Maureen’s Kitchen, had ordered Sharon not to visit the Kitchen anymore, nay not to step on Towry Street at all. So, it was that when the Captain sighted Sharon in the Waka Club exterior, under the marquee, he barked out the marching orders to her. Peeved and feeling embarrassed, Kamal quickly, vociferously and stridently objected to this order and repeatedly retorted “but she’s my guest”. This seemed to infuriate Carew and his angst gave way to venom of vicious violence as he got up and gave Kamal an abrupt and heavy slap on the face close to Kamal’s right eye. This hulking ex soldier of over 6ft 4inches had delivered this coup de grace to the comparatively diminutive airline pilot’s face with such force that Kamal’s glasses fell off his eyes. Sadly, as it was learnt, Kamal had just returned from an overseas visit to the US and the UK where he had expended the neat sum of £30, 000 ($48, 000, N8m) on surgery to that eye. This event transpired in the presence of Club Chairman, Tunde Bajulaiye, Trustees, Biola Johnson, Kayode Tinubu, Arch Bishop Yemi Atilade, and Vice Chairman Yemi Randle. Kamal is the son of late popular Lagosian socialite, Ya Karim, who, in his lifetime, was noted for his no-holds-barred sarcastic tirade on very notable men of society like Ayo Shasanya, S. L. Edu, J. M. Johnson, Baba Ite Amidu, I. S. Adewale and many others. This egregious event further resulted in, as usual, several ladies laying it on each other with their tongues and ultimately resulted in Captain Carew calling on thugs from the neighbourhood to teach Kamal a lesson. When septuagenarian Deji Amidu intervened and chided the Captain for his bad behaviour, he was tongue-lashed and threatened with violence by the seemingly implacable ex Lagos Island Local Government Chairman, Biodun Carew. On the intervention of the Club Chairman, the thugs were sent packing but the problem again persisted and escalated when the sons of Club founder, late Pa Amidu, Debola and Femi, would not let sleeping dogs lie, conscripted their friends and other thugs to descend on Captain Carew. Again, the elders of the Club prevailed on all sides to desist from further actions and all frays were deescalated. Our reporter informs us that it was a generally nice and serene evening before and even after the incident with pleasurable enjoyment of the savoury dishes provided by the well-groomed and attired catering staff and immense justice was done to the cow that the Lagos State had donated to the Club for the Muslim festival. Notable figures also graced this joyful end of Ileya party including newlywed humongous socialite, Gabby Yarduah, a man of too many accolades, Kingsonian and true Lagosian, Bashorun Jaiye Randle and Mr Jawando.

Information reaching our Editorial Desk is that the Captain had continuously engaged in unnecessary and violent affrays including an attack on a mechanic on Towry Street and a vituperous and unsavoury incident against the person of the revered and elderly Onipopo of Popo, Dr Flash Macgregor of Campos area Clan. To keep the trajectory of the Waka Club on a fine fettle, it was learnt, the Chairman of the Club, Mr Tunde Bajulaiye, has suspended Captain Carew sine die from the Club until his infringement of the Club’s Constitution by assault on a fellow member is discussed at the next Executive Committee meeting, probably to be handed over to the Disciplinary Committee chaired by Hon. Bolaji Abosede with Wale Lawrence and Deji Amidu as members. We shall keep you informed of further developments.