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Obaro Ibru Bites off Louise Priddy’s Upper Lip

This was a prelude to the Easter tide and as if giving Louise Priddy a sincere loving full blown kiss on the lips was not enough, Obaro Ibru, a scion of the Ibru dynasty, not only kissed and split the upper lip of Louise, he also bit off part of her upper lip and in the disgraceful fracas that followed, Louise’s arm was broken by the elbow and she has been seen going about with heavily bandaged lips and Plaster of Paris encased hand. Obaro, from the wealthy Ibru family, is a son of the Capo Di Capo of the family, Chief Michael Ibru, husband of Cecilia Ibru, former head of Oceanic Bank who was interdicted, having been caught with her hands in the cookie jar of several of her bank depositors. Louise Priddy is the beautiful mixed race daughter of late Lagos socialite, Olu Priddy and a Birmingham born English mother. Louise Priddy has recently drifted apart from her Lebanese hubby for whom she bore a child. She had, boldly and unabashedly, delved into the nightclub cum restaurant business with the help of her late father who died of cancer two years ago. She had reopened and operated the Bacchus Restaurant on highbrow Awolowo Road in Southwest Ikoyi, Lagos.

This restaurant, it will be recalled, was a haunt of most expatriates, Lebanese, mixed race crowd and Nigerians with foreign taste and had gone through a humongous battle with influential Nigerians living in their neighbourhood who did not approve of a nightclub in a residential area. The Bacchus management had, in the 70s, eventually won the court case and received judgement in their favour apropos. Louise had managed this restaurant very successfully and it was the shining star that all really “Big Boys” of Lagos navigated to in the last few years. However, with the advent of opposition from new nightclubs and restaurants on Victoria Island including Folorunsho Coker’s club, Bacchus was unable to survive and has since closed shop. Many whispers have flown through the jasmine of Lagos minds regarding the cause celebre of the rancour and imbroglio leading to the pandemonium that ensued between Obaro and his friends and Louise and her friends in a Lagos nightclub.

We shall complement this tale with a visit to some similar escapades that occurred in the past:

  • How Dayo Shobowale bites off girl’s lip in Waka Club;
  • How ex-Perm Sec bloodies Grego’s head with a beer bottle at Maureen’s Kitchen;
  • How Bimbo Thomas smashes Dada Abudu’s head with a bottle of beer at Maureen’s Kitchen;
  • How Raimi Amusan plucks out late ex-Gregorian Winston Davies’ eye with broken bottle to win political dare-you wager.

Trust Lagos Blog, coming out soon!

Drunken Club Member Drives into Pole and Dies

It was Good Friday, a day when parties are plentiful in Lagos, a day of end of fast for Christians and a day to herald the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. For a very gregarious member of the Island Club, Lagos, it was a day that culminated in transition to eternity. Segun Abolarinwa, 50 was a good mixer, a bon vivant and a vibrant participant in the affairs of the Island Club. It was, therefore, no surprise that he attended the party of the congress section of the Island Club Lagos hosted by Mr Tokunbo Adebanjo in celebration of his mother’s 80th birthday. As usual, the congress section party is always a no-holds-barred drinking session and members drink as much as they could handle.

Mr Abolarinwa was the Assistant Social Secretary of the Island Club when Mr Akeem Alobo-Bakare was the Social Secretary. Consequently, Segun was planning to submit his nomination papers in order to vie for the post of Social Secretary of the Club in a three-way contest with Mr Femi Oderinde and Eni Olorun Yan for the position due to be vacated by the incumbent Social Secretary, Mr Danjuma. So it was, that Segun, while campaigning for votes, allowed the demon of Bacchus to subjugate him and became so inebriated that all entreaties and attempts to prevail on him not to drive home met with a firewall resistance and flat refusal from him. As he approached his residence on Bankole Street, Pedro, Shomolu, he ran into a pole. His car’s frontage was badly damaged and he received a bad gash on the head. Fortunately for him, there was a hospital near his house, and with the aid of his family members, he submitted himself to the clinic for treatment. He was given immediate First Aid treatment and although he was told to take a rest in the hospital, he, again, declined the medical expert’s advice and proceeded home. He later slumped into his bed and was discovered dead in the morning.

This occurrence is reminiscent of two events that transpired several years ago involving Yoruba Tennis Club members:

  • Dr Olufemi Bucknor, former Chief Medical Officer of Lagos State, in his youthful exuberance and a little worse off from the effect of the bottle, drove into a pole near Lagos Island Maternity Hospital. He was then stationed in Oyo, western Nigeria but when the police came questioning him about the reason why he hit the pole, wait for it, he told the pole to get out of his way.
  • Sadly, Mr Segun Harper, who had absorbed himself in the liquid from Maureen’s Kitchen to the Yoruba Tennis Club on Abalabi Day celebration, was not that lucky. Having refused all attempts to hold on to his car keys by staff and members of Yoruba Tennis Club on account of his inebriated condition, he smashed his car into the median divider on the ascent to Eko Bridge from Apongbon and died instantly.

The Chairman of the Island Club, Prince Ademola Dada, a charming gentleman, going for his 3rd term stint as Chairman of the Club, led members of the Management Committee and other members of the club on a condolence visit to Segun Abolarinwa’s home the very next day which was a Saturday. C’est la vie!

Easter Monday Tragedy—Ex-Perm Sec Falls into Gutter

Social life in Lagos, as we know it, is usually exhilarating and the joie de vivre is inevitably sometimes overplayed with occasional tragicomedies. Easter Sunday was a rain-spoilt day as another tornado-like windstorm drove through Lagos causing the usual damages to houses, roofs and trees.  Lagos took the brunt of three sporadic storming days within one week culminating in the heavy downpour on Easter Sunday 20th April, 2014. It was therefore a soothing relief when on the following day, Easter Monday, April 21st, the sun came out in its full blessing blazing a trail of succour to the citizenry. Coincidentally, and fortuitously this was the day slated for the Fante Festival of Lagos.  This is a festival celebrated by a hodgepodge of Lagos Island inhabitants made up of “natives”, Sierra Leonean and Brazilian resettlers, Togolese, Liberian and Ghanaian families of the Island. It is mostly always restricted to the Popo Aguda area of the Island but basically celebrated from Obalende to Carter Bridge. The Lafiaji, Campos and Olowogbowo Fante groups emerged in their resplendent costumes, danced and swayed to Agidigbo and Kokoma music, sometimes playfully lashing out at each other with tiny strips of whips made up of tree branches. Trust Lagosians, all Lagosian descendant families on the Island, nay from afar as Agege, Ikorodu, Badagry, Etti-Osa areas of the state came aglow and the carnival, now rooted in its splendour at the old Racecourse, now known as Tafawa Balewa Square, overflowed to the entire Lagos Island neighbourhood, bars, restaurants, social clubs, nay petrol stations. There was dancing in the street, leftovers of the Good Friday Fraujon were sold and served to beer guzzling celebrants who nostalgically reminisced about their growing up days in Ehingbeti, Campos, Lafiaji and Okepopo areas of the Island. The social clubs buzzed with exuberance and all the top clubs—Island Club, Yoruba Tennis Club, Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Waka Club and House of Commons were all radiant with gaiety. Beer parlours and area joints like Ranti Dawodus, Maureen’s Kitchen, B’s Corner, Baba Congo’s and the Son King of Lagos area joints, Onipopo’s, with Dr Flash Yomi Magregor in full flight, were all overwhelmed with unparallel merry making.

People tended to overlook the problems prevalent in the city, state and country as some drowned their sorrows in “liquids” denser than fresh water.  It was in the twilight of this inebriated sobriety that the Waka Club, Lagos received one of its old members who had, as his usual practice, made his rounds of different places of merriments and ended up in his club, the Waka Club. The dignitary was no less than the former General Manager of the Lagos State Waste Disposal Board, General Manager of the Lagos State Water Corporation, General Manager Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency and Permanent Secretary Lagos State Ministry of Environment, Engineer Ajibade Shekoni breezed in and showing some signs of unsteadiness akin to a sailor on a pitching and rolling vessel in a gale force 10 storm, exchanged Easter greetings with his fellow club members, Arch Bishop Atilade + “1″, Professor Leigh, Professor Rokosu, Chief Johnson, Hon. Abosede, Prince Adele, AIG Cole, Mrs Sode, Dr Randle, Mr Dele Sobowale, Captain Carew, Mr Olorogun and several others. On sighting Mr and Mrs Dapo Gorgeous-Cole by the Campos old Cemetery (now mini stadium) fence, Jibade made his way across to exchange pleasantries with the couple and also, possibly, to do “No 1″ in the open gutter adjoining. By a bizarre twist of fate, Shekoni tripped on a cable lying on the floor by the gutter, fell down heavily into the gutter banging his head on the concrete up riser of the casement.  As readers can see from our picture herein of the scene, the vicinity was very dark and there was a huge shout of yeah as Jibade banged his forehead on the gutter siding. All present in the immediate gutter environment rushed to the aid of the former Environment Permanent Secretary (no pun intended) who was as Perm Sec responsible for all the gutters in Lagos State. He was bleeding profusely from his forehead and club members played the roles of medical doctors, matrons, nursing sisters and First Aid workers for which none of them, including the pork seller, Aramide, was qualified.

Rather unfortunately, when Jibade took a dive into the gutter, his bunch of keys including the keys to his beautiful car dropped into the deep gutter and, as no one could be found to do a bit of gutter-searching at 10pm, AIG Charles Cole took Jibade to his Norman Williams, Southwest Ikoyi, residence to retrieve the spare keys to the car and Mr Dapo Cole had to drive Mr Ajibade Shekoni’s car to his residence. Jibade had been advised by the beer guzzling motley crowd of medically opinionated “specialists” to obtain immediate medical attention and avail himself of anti tetanus treatment. It is obvious that the ex-Perm Sec, who has just been suspended from the Eko Club, just escaped sanctioning by the Waka Club Executive Committee after expulsion of his cahootees, the G-10 of the Ile Binti club, is a happy-go-lucky guy who is always in the company of his ex-Gregorian buddy, Prince Oyekan Adele. He seemed to have been unperturbed by this tragedy and took it well in his stride.

This report will be complemented by future reports on why an armoured cable was lying dangerously on the side road. Pictures from the scene and the cable that felled the ex-Perm Sec below:

gutter (1) gutter (2) gutter (3) gutter (4)

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