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Rokosus in Dilemma, they Lose a Daughter

There is something going on with the Rokosu family. The well-known Rokosus, part of the Salawe-Oke family of Ita-faji area of Lagos Island, seem to be going through an unfortunate period. The family are beset with incidents which, if one was superstitious, one would call a generational curse. This is the present status quo of the family:

  • Professor Jibade Rokosu, as we reported earlier, is under the weather and has now been moved to the National Hospital in Abuja for an unknown ailment. It is reported that the ever-munificent and altruistic Craig Ezeigbe is rendering some assistance to him.
  • Younger brother, Wale celebrated his 70th recently but has not been quite himself since he retired from the service of Lagos State.
  • Younger sister, Mrs Eddy Obaseki is under some severe stress.
  • Younger sister, Mrs Yetunde Eusebio also has health issues.
  • Yetunde’s husband, Kayode, is also under some medical strain.
  • Younger sister, Lawumi, charming and most popular after the Professor, has been hit after a bout of happiness by a terrible tragedy:
  1. Her youngest offspring that she had for late member of the House of Representatives, gregarious Hon. Sola Olugbode has just graduated in the UK and she is in the UK for the graduation.
  2. Two days ago, Doyin, Lawumi’s daughter died mysteriously and tragically in London. Doyin’s two children, a boy and a girl, are being looked after by Lawumi in Lagos. The news was received with great shock and the club where Lawumi, her friend, Bola Martins and her other siblings, all congregate at, the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, was stung by the news.
  •  Another Rokosu sibling, a mixed-race lady, has not been seen around very much and her condition is unknown.

Obviously, something is amiss and we shall keep our readers updated.

Bola Marquis to be Remembered

As the yuletide approaches, the Island Club is, as usual, going to witness a beehive of activities and one of those that will signal the yuletide will be a Marquis Night to be staged in the Club by the Jazz Section in honour of the late leader and patron of the Jazz Section, late Chief Januario Bola Marquis who passed away ten years ago on 29th November, 2004. In collaboration with his sister, Arc Mrs Dada Yardua (nee Marquis), his cousin, Mrs Fola Mike Adenuga, nee Marquis, ex Lagos State Perm Sec Mrs Tinu Balogun nee Marquis and Chief Biola Johnson, the Jazz Section will stage a night of Jazz and Brazilian Samba in remembrance of the late Jazz aficionado and ex Gregorian. Accolades and eulogies are expected from his intimate life-long friends, Chief Femi Williams, Kabiyesi Olu Falomo, Chief Deinde Lucas and Chief Yomi Akintola. The Club is abuzz with preparation for the tenth year anniversary.

Island Club Campaign Hots Up

As at the last count, there are no less than six contestants desirous of taking over the Chairmanship of Island Club from Prince Demola Dada in May 2015. While the momentum has not attained a crescendo, the race has begun and members of the Club have been having a bite at the finger-licking provisions from the would-be Chairmen and contestants for other positions.

It was in this vein that Chief Tunde Olowu (not “Kosi Maggi, Kosi Obe”), septuagenarian leader of the Club’s Bar 2, hosted the Club’s Jazz Section to a sumptuous diner in the Club’s Cool Room on Monday, 17th November, 2014. Members were seen savouring the pleasure of the fried rice, jollof rice and small chops provided by the aspirants and praises were heaped on him by the King Of Jazz, Mr Andy Ikenwe while Barrister Akerele was seen licking his lips while washing down the savoury food with a bottle of chilled red wine.

Coincidentally, city lawyer, Flavius Ladi Akerele who is aspiring to the post of Secretary General of the Club to take over from Mr Diji Vera-Cruz will also be hosting the Jazz Section where he is Treasurer and Financial Secretary to an evening of small chops next Monday. Ladi is a past Assistant General Secretary and the pundits have it that he will probably triumph.