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The death was announced this morning (Wednesday, January 28 2015) of 91-year old Chief Edward Adekambi Taylor a veteran member of the Island Club and father of Electrical Engineer, Bade Taylor of the Island Club. Chief Taylor was a keen musician who performed with Sir Victor Olaiya in the 50s and worshipped at Bethel Baptist Church on Broad Street, Lagos. He celebrated his 90th birthday over a year ago in the Island Club at a grand reception attended by elders and members of the Island Club, Oba Dotun Gbadebo, the Alake of Egbaland and many of the Bethel Church congregation. His children, Bade Taylor, Mrs Titi Waddell and others have all gathered and are planning his obsequies. Full report later.


When it comes to strictly Lagos social affairs, we are No. 1 and we are unabashed as we have proven over the last two years. Our original and unquestionable stories have permeated the whole gamut of Lagos social circle and we are a reference point for Lagos social activities. Poignantly, if you don’t blow your trumpet, nobody will blow it for you, lol. That is why we are happy to bring you the report of this petit soiree that transpired recently at the Metropolitan Club, Victoria Island, Lagos. This is probably the most upscale private businessmen’s club in Lagos, nay in Nigeria. A roll call of its members would include, without any doubt, the top 100 businesspersons in Nigeria including the high and mighty in business and politics, bank chief executives, oil companies chairmen and managing directors, federal ministers, state governors and commissioners. To be a member, nay to be seen even as a guest in this club, you must definitely be not only upwardly mobile but you would have definitely “arrived”. It was, therefore, a worthwhile evening and most iconic event albeit not typically lavish, when a well-known Lagosian of Ijebu-Ode origin, Demola Adeeko, was hosted in the club by his friends on his attainment of the wonderful octogenarian status. Among his friends that were present were many true grit Lagosians like Professor Adele Jinadu, Professor Kenku, the celebrant’s brother, Bimbo Odunsi, son of the late industrious founder of Royal Brothers whose daughter, Bose, married the eponymous late Chief Awolowo’s late son, Wole and whose other siblings are Lawyer Bayo Odunsi, Peju Odunsi, Oyinbo Odunsi and Yinka. Bose who became estranged with Wole over an incident that happened when Wole set out for a game lawn tennis, realised he left his racket at home, returned home with his friend, late Lagosian about the town man, “Money Can Do”, and stumbled upon an uncompromising and unpalatable situation. Bose later got entangled with flamboyant and prestigious Lagos Chartered Accountant and business mogul, Chief Bode Emmanuel of the illustrious Lagos Emmanuel family and she bore him three kids. The strikingly lovely and adorable Bose later became a lawyer and retired as a magistrate. Bimbo Odunsi is the businessman husband of Ashabi, nee Sule, an offspring of the Nuru Oniwo dynasty of Lagos whose mum is the sister of the two well-known high Egba chiefs, late Chief Harold Shodipo and late Dr John Shodipo. Dr John, readers may recall, who died recently, was the highly successful medical doctor and business magnate that was sent to prison during the military interregnum of his fellow Egba Chief, General Olusegun Obasanjo. The highest pleas, pleadings and prayers from the whole Egba Kingdom could not move Chief Obasanjo to stop the jailing of this Egba Chief over a minor infraction of the foreign exchange regulation in force at that time. This late doctor’s daughter, herself a former Ogun State Commissioner and now contesting under the PDP for an Ogun State Senatorial seat, is married to the fire-spitting leader of the Ijaw nation, Chief Edwin K. Clark. Other guests at the Demola Adeeko’s birthday mini bash were his wife, popularly called Oyinbo because of her naturally genuine light skin, Mr Kalejaiye, Mr Jide Osinubi (Shokoyokoto), Mr Biodun Onabanjo, Mr Tayo Sofoluwe and Mr Obi Orji. The champagne flowed merrily and copiously and the food was savoury and palate-pleasing.

Demola Adeeko, we recall, celebrated his 70th birthday in Gbolade Juwon’s Ikoyi Club restaurant ten years ago and many of those present on his 80th were also present on his 70th. Conspicuously absent were Kingsonians Chike Obi-Rapu, top Lagos businessman, Bayo Bello, now domiciled in London, Tunde Edu, Cambridge University graduate son of late illustrious Chief S. L. Edu now domiciled in Ghana. Also missing were Gregorian Dotun Duru-Emmanuel and his colleague and co-founder of defunct Commerce Bank, Peter Arigbe. To add glamour and the female touch to the glitz, gaiety and grandiosity of the evening was the ever radiant Ms Tinu Langford, the estranged partner of Peninsula boss and Asipa of Lagos, Chief Ahmed Onibodo. We told you so, Lagos Blog is the authority on Lagos families and social life.

The sequitur to this lovely night is a gist that is not for the squeamish, the lily-livered, the nun or the pope. You are advised not to read it.

Tayo’s Lady Sent out Naked

Towards the end of the glamorous Adeeko’s party, a popular Lagosian, Kingsonian bearded Tayo who has a brother called Deinde and another late younger brother who was a university Vice Chancellor, quietly departed the Metropolitan Club and headed for a private apartment in a condominium overlooking the Lagos Lagoon, the Tarkwa Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, to spend a night of thrills and pleasure with his old friend, a lovely well-endowed lady. His schoolmate had offered him a room in his apartment and the 73-year old gregarious Lagosian had begun to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, having gulped down several glasses of champagne at the night of thrills, when there came a loud bang on the door. On enquiry who the seemingly uninvited interloper was and just at the moment of firing his salvo from all cylinders and pistons, a voice blared out—”It’s me Obi, open the door.” When Tayo gently opened the door to tell Obi to go away, Obi forced his way into the room and found Tayo in his “birthday suit” and the lady starkers and awaiting the continuation of the interruptus. The two guys then engaged in a slanging match with Obi questioning why his clothes which he had carefully arranged on the bed had been thrown on the floor by the couple. Tayo meekly appealed to Obi to excuse him for a while requesting that he, Obi should utilise the couch in the living room. Obi accepted his plead and waited outside the room for recompense. Now, anybody who knows Obi, popularly known as Obi Shoo and also variously as Obi Kirikiri and Obi Edu, knows that he is a big and bulky fellow with an overbearing and threatening personality, and having waited patiently outside the door, discovered to his chagrin that the door had been bolted shut from within. Angrily, he tore into the door with his right foot, the door came down forcefully from the frame and he noticed that rather than arranging to vacate the room for him, the couple were actually visibly engaged in, as Fela would put it, “doing what we have come here to do”. Shaking like a leaf about to settle from the tree for autumn, Obi threw out the couple from the room and the steward on the premises, after the lady had grabbed her wrapper, arranged for a taxi for Tayo and his paramour to vamoose. When asked the next morning why he did not just partake of the fruit of the voluptuous figure before him, Obi angrily quipped that “I have no time for that, Tayo has just earned N40m from the sale of part of his land in Ikeja and he can jolly well afford to be frivolous.”


Air Vice Marshall Oluseyi Petinrin

Air Vice Marshall Oluseyi Petinrin

It was a grand occasion when on Monday, 19th January, 2015, when former Nigerian Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Oluseyi Petinrin, celebrated his 60th birthday. The retired air General who has been a huge benefactor to the Island Club, splashing out millions of naira to decorate the dining area of the Club, celebrated in style. The Island Club was represented on the occasion by the Chairman, Prince Demola Dada, the aspiring General Secretary of the Club, Mr Flavius Oladipupo Akerele and other members of the club.